July News from Eastergate Parish Council

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish council meeting held on 3rd May 2018.

Public Question Time

Members were asked what could be done about sink holes appearing between properties in Elm Grove South and new properties being built under EG/107/17/DOC. A parishioner complained that Arun District Council (ADC) officers would not attend and deal with an alleged breach of condition. District Councillor Mr Hughes said that he had made enquiries at the district council and was assured that, if a plan clearly showing the problem that needed to be considered, was received then an engineer would attend to review the matter. It was alleged that there was a clear breach of conditions applied to the planning approval. The parishioner agreed to provide such a plan and Councillor Hughes agreed to assist wherever possible with the problem.

Merger with Barnham Parish Council

The ADC Electoral Reform Committee meeting had been held this evening and the vote for merging  with Barnham Parish Council had a response of 37.69% of whom 80.56% had voted in favour. The vote in favour from both parishes had been 80% or more. The recommendation was that the merger of the parish councils be referred to full council with a recommendation to approve. A possible date for the merger was the 1st December 2018. The Full council meeting to deal with the matter would likely be the July or September meetings.


It was reported that the fire extinguishers and other equipment in the pavilion had all been condemned by the fire service inspector. Tenders for annual maintenance were to be obtained by the end of July. Members were advised of the PAT testing course and examinations undertaken by the project manager. A report from the plumbers was referred to. It was suggested that the pavilion might pose a risk of Legionnaires Disease. It was recommended that a Water Kit be purchased to test for risk. Members considered that the risk was not likely due to the nature of use of the water.

Members were advised that the Search Engine Optimisation was being implemented and that Twitter was now linked to the council website.

Mention was made of the possibility of the Sportsfield and Pavilion being taken into the Hall charity but there would need to be a licence so that the advantageous VAT position of the council was not lost. The need to upgrade the e-mail system platform was considered;an upgrade to Office 365 was suggested.



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