July News from Coldwaltham Parish Council


Edited extracts from the drafts minutes of Parish Council meeting held on 15th May 2018.

Roads, Footpaths, Bus Shelters, Noticeboard, and the Alban Head Play Equipment. The use of weed killer, was questioned, at the playing fields, it was confirmed that it is safe for children and pets and is sprayed by a licensed operator. This is done bi- annually. It was noted that the Accident Book at the pavilion needs to be checked, that it is still in place.

Coldwaltham Youth Club (CYC) – Members who attended their recent CYC AGM, reported back. The club are looking to give it one last push. Lodge Hill will renew their hire of the hall. Cllr Nelson wanted to ensure that the club gave it a decent length of time. It was also highlighted that the club has good funds which would need to be secured if the club folded completely, the charity’s trustees need to ensure this.

Lodge Hill – proposed development

Cllr Burr updated members regarding Lodge Hill, who had made a representation to SDNPA regarding their Local Plan: all comments are now available on the SDNPA website. It revealed that Lodge Hill are proposing to develop about an acre of woodland around the youth club site. Lodge Hill pointed out that the Meadow Site is not popular and went on to say that the Parish Council would support this proposition. Cllr Nelson noted that this has never been discussed by the Parish Council and therefore could not be supported. Lodge Hill are selling some of their land for development to fund the additions to the main house, a residential development would provide much needed improvements to the main house. It was the Trustee’s decision not to publicise this proposal.

Year 2017/18 Internal Audit Report: Members confirmed Rachel Hall for the audit. The Clerk advised that Rachel Hall had completed the internal audit, copies had been distributed to all Councillors prior to the meeting.  The report summary states “The accounting arrangements, procedural controls, records and documentary evidence are considered to be satisfactory, and accurately record the Council’s financial position.”

Footpath 2451 from Silverdale to Brook Lane (closer to the railway bridge) problems where the tenant had cut back trees, sprayed to kill the grass, and then burnt the field, causing the fire brigade to be called, the footpath along the edge of the field had then been ploughed up. The situation is now under control.

Sites for our Speed Watch have been agreed: between Church Lane and Arun Vale & at the junction of the River Lane & Sandy Lane. Two motorbikes at 72 miles an hour were caught by the police officer assessing the sites, www.coldwalthampc.org.uk


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