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Sussex Local Magazine published its first issue as Key Local magazine in Storrington back in June 2007.

Since that time we have published every month, and have added six more editions in Arundel, Barnham, Findon, Midhurst/Petworth and Pulborough. We also acquired Chichester Local magazine and bringing it into our stable of publications.

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You can read more about our history on the About Us page. Meanwhile all our issues since 2011 are available to read online via the following links.

Editorial and advertising online archive

Apart from being an archive of editorial and news, if you advertise with us then the benefit of appearing in Sussex Local online with our back issues is, well, timeless!

Individual editions

Each edition is individual to its own area, with local news and features on charities, schools, councils, groups and clubs. There are also features on what’s happening in wider Sussex, so our many readers from outside our distribution area are able to read Sussex Local Magazine online.



More than just advertisements

Our conception of Sussex Local Magazine was always more than just a “book full of advertisements”. We have always tried to bring a wide range of local topics which actually matter to our readers. For example, in late 2019 we started a campaign to raise awareness of the Air Quality problem Storrington suffers from. We also tracked the history behind what has been done – or not – since this was first acknowledged in 2010.

Winning entry for the No Idling logo competition we ran at Storrington Primary School late 2019

We welcome comments and suggestions so please do get in touch with feedback. You are also welcome to post events for publication as well as editorial suggestions.

You can read more about the magazine here.


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