Introducing Amberley

Amberley Road Photo © Mike Smith (cc-by-sa/2.0)

This village lies at the foot of the South Downs, close to the historic town of Arundel.

Not only does it have a railway station, museum and picturesque thatched roofs, it also has a castle!

Amberley Houses Photo © Marathon (cc-by-sa/2.0)
Arundel Castle Photo © Philip Halling (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Key landmarks of Amberley

Perhaps the most prominent landmark is the magnificent castle, which is now a luxury hotel.

The building started life over 900 years ago. Due to a bishop constructing a great hall and lodgings, that later became a 12th century manor house. Sometime afterwards, a high stone wall with gate post and tower was built to curtail the house. Now, guests at this boutique hotel can experience fine cuisine. As well as four-poster beds, and glorious grounds in the noblest of surroundings.

The village also has a museum and heritage centre. This displays vintage transport, exhibitions and artefacts. In addition they run nature trails and craft workshops. The calendar is always busy at the centre, with a variety of events on offer including horse-riding and a Halloween night.

To the north of the village, the River Arun meanders amid the Amberley Wild Brooks, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Throughout the year the brooks and marshes host an eclectic mix of wildlife. In addition, walks are popular with both locals and visitors.

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