Introducing Heyshott

Heyshott is located about 3 miles south of Midhurst and is a village with just over 300 residents. It is known for its association with Richard Cobden, free trader and Liberal MP, who was born in the area in 1809.

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Key landmarks of Heyshott

Heyshott Bonfire Night is held on a Saturday close to the 5th of November and is a sight to see. There is a torchlit procession through the village and a spectacular fireworks display in the evening. It has been a tradition since 1953.

There is a climb from Heyshott Village up to the top of the hill which is a 223 metre ascent. During this walk you will pass through Heyshott Down which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is an example of chalk grassland, a rare habitat in the UK.

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