Competition Winners

Sussex Local regularly gives readers the opportunity to win great prizes ranging from bottles of Champagne to Spa Days, Cream teas to flights…

Many Congratulations to our winners from recent issues:

10th December 2020
Hi Lindsey, Oh my lord, that's so exciting I am so happy as I really wanted to go and only picked up a leaflet yesterday to see what seats were left. You have made my day ! Thank you so much, I shall make sure to say thank you on social media to your fabulous company too. I love Sussex Local and in fact used to have a small ad for my Spanish holiday home with you. I may do a new advert in the autumn to get some winter bookings ! I will take this email along when I collect the pair of tickets. It's even nicer as my husband works away from home and is back on Sunday night for just 24 hours. Thank you again. Best wishes Beverley Papworth Competition Winner June 3, 2017

Pulborough Crossword – April 2019

23rd September 2020
Winning a £20 Rising Sun voucher