August News from West Chiltington Parish Council

West Chiltington, West Sussex

Overgrown vegetation

Some property owners may not realise all their obligations, and with everything green growing quickly through the summer, homeowners are reminded to prevent their trees and hedges from becoming problems on the roads and pavements next to their properties. The owner or occupier of a property is legally responsible for ensuring that adjacent roads and pavements are not obstructed by vegetation. There are specifications for how much to cut back for details go to:

You can report problems with overgrown vegetation obstructing highways or pavements you can download and use our Love West Sussex app from

20 mph in the Old Village

West Sussex County Council has approved a Traffic Regulation Order for a 20mph Speed Limit in the vicinity of the Community School in East Street. More details will be known soon and the speed limit will come into force later in the year.

Bus Shelters

We are planning to build two new bus shelters – this has been on our Action List for a while but we are getting closer and hope that we will see some progress soon.

Refurbished Parish Office

Please pop in to see our newly decorated Parish Office, creating a pleasant working environment and making it more welcoming to our visitors.  We also have some wonderful historical photos of the parish – come and see who is on the walls.

Action for Deafness

Action for Deafness (AFD) is a charitable organisation working with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Did you know:  50% of over 50 year olds have a hearing loss, 70% of 70 year olds have a hearing loss.  Hearing loss can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental wellbeing – untreated hearing loss doubles the incidence of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Action for Deafness (AFD) works to support people to manage their hearing loss and its impact on their wellbeing. A wide range of services is offered to ensure that people with hearing loss stay connected and engaged with their local community.  Deaf Awareness Workshops including lip reading classes are tailor made for individual groups and businesses.  For more information contact the AFD Community Links Co-ordinator on 01444 415582

To contact us: Tel: 01798 817434    The Parish Office, Church Street, West Chiltington, RH20 2JW.  Normally open Tue-Thu 10am–2pm. (Please phone before visiting). Website:


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