West Chiltington Parish Council September News

West Chiltington, West Sussex

Affordable housing in West Chiltington

The building has started of fourteen new dwellings, six of which will be Shared Ownership affordable houses at Steele Close. There will also be two flats and six houses for rent through Saxon Weald.

Please look out for the Marketing Launch in the next couple of months and tell anyone you know with a close connection to West Chiltington and who may be interested in purchasing or renting one of these

Rural Housing Trust Ltd specialises in rural shared ownership housing – affordable housing for local people. If you would like to apply for one of these new homes you can go to the website for information and our Parish Clerk can take names of those interested.  These homes are aimed exclusively at people with a local ‘close connection’ for the first 3 months of
marketing. www.ruralhousing.org.uk

The restrictions on sale to local people are for a period of 3 months from the date of the marketing launch, planned for September/October so please pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested.

Pick up the Poo!

We are still receiving complaints that some people are still not clearing up after their dogs on footpaths and open spaces.

You must be prepared each time you take your dog out to pick up the waste every time. This is the responsibility that comes with dog ownership, so make sure you always have bags with you. It is an offence to leave your dog’s mess in a public place and subject to a fine of at least £80. In extreme instances dog mess can cause blindness due to a parasitic worm called toxocariasis.

In any case, it is unnecessary for inconsiderate dog owners to cause their fellow walkers to look at their feet instead of the world around them. Dog waste can be disposed of in public litter bins (preferably double bagged) where a dog bin is not available or can be taken home and placed in your general refuse bin – not left hanging in trees.

If you are aware of a perpetrator who does not
clean up after a dog, you can report it on www.horsham.gov.uk /bins/reportit or phone in confidence on 01403 733144.

To contact us: Tel: 01798 817434 clerk@wcpc.org.uk    The Parish Office, Church Street, West Chiltington, RH20 2JW.  Normally open Tue-Thu 10am–2pm. (Please phone before visiting). Website: wcpc.org.uk


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