Walberton Parish Council September News

Walberton Green, West Sussex

Edited extracts of minutes of a Full Council Meeting held on 17th July 2018.

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) Report

Cllr Whittington reported WSCC will be approving (or not) its annual report this Friday. The Rights of Way Management Plan 2018/20 has been agreed. There are over 800 reports of overgrown hedges and the priority will be given to keeping visibility at road junctions clear.

With regards to the repair of pot holes in West Walberton Lane, this may well mean a road closure.
Yapton Crossing continues to be very contentious. Network Rail appear to be more concerned about increasing train speeds rather than consulting with local parishes.

Arun District Council (ADC) report

Cllr Dingemans reported that the draft ADC Local Plan has been found and will be adopted on 19th July 2018 and commits ADC to produce 20,000 houses by 2031.


Cllr Mrs Clark reported that funding from Lightsource was to be spent on pavilion internal painting. However, Wates (developers for Tuppers Field) offered to do some of the painting, and the main part of the Pavilion has been done. There is the kitchen, hall way, ladies’ toilet and changing rooms to finish and Cllr Clark suggested a volunteer painting day be organised. The Village Hall and church sign have been replaced and repairs completed to the A27 Havenwood bus shelter.

Community Play Centre

Cllr Moores reported on the increase in child placements which has led to an increase in staff numbers, including advertising for a bursar / business manager. The play centre is looking to place a wooden building at the back for staff to use as their rest room.

A27 Arundel By-pass

Cllr Camerer Cuss reported that he is to write reasons as to why the Highways England consultation on the A27 was unfair and affected the result. WPC reasons focus on transport and economics while environmental issues are being handled by others. HE’s consultation was demonstrably unfair and misleading.

The Council decided to respond to HE expressing disappointment in HE’s proposal and propose an alternative date of 7 August 2018. www.walberton-pc.gov.uk


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