East Sussex County Council 2021 Alcohol Awareness Week campaign

East Sussex County Council Alcohol Awareness Week

East Sussex County Council and Recovery Partners

In support of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, East Sussex County Council and their Recovery Partners are highlighting the impact alcohol can have on relationships and health and wellbeing.

To mark the start of this year’s campaign, which runs from November 15th-21st, the council and its partners will be joining over 4,000 community groups across the UK to increase the understanding of the ways in which alcohol can affect us and our relationships with those around us. A variety of events, where people can talk to qualified, friendly advisors without feeling judged, are being hosted by the council’s Recovery Partners across East Sussex during the awareness week:

15 November – 10am-2pm East Sussex Veterans Hub and East Sussex Recovery Alliance

16 November – 10am-12pm East Sussex Recovery Alliance

17 November – 10am-2pm Hillcrest Centre

18 November – 10am-2pm Uckfield Civic Centre

19 November – 10am-2pm Tilling Green Community Centre

Alcohol and Mental Health

Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health at East Sussex County Council, said: “Alcohol can have a damaging impact on our relationships and with more people drinking more often during the pandemic, for many different reasons, this can become even more difficult. By talking about alcohol and the impact it can have we can help each other to better understand how it might be affecting us and those around us.”

Many drink alcohol for a variety of reasons, to relax, socialise, de-stress, have fun, relieve boredom, deal with feelings of loneliness and to try and cope with or avoid problems. However, drinking too much and too often can cause or exacerbate all sorts of problems with our physical and mental health, including damaging relationships with our loved ones. Alcohol is strongly associated with mental health problems like anxiety and depression, which may have worsened over the pandemic.

Led by Alcohol Change UK, Alcohol Awareness Week aims to get people thinking and talking about alcohol, to motivate change at every level.

For more information on the events and to find out how to get involved, find East Sussex County Council on Facebook (@EastSussexCC) and Twitter (@EastSussexCC).


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