Coldwaltham Parish Council News

Increased costs for legal compliance

The cost of “running to stand still” will increase for Coldwaltham Parish council for the next financial year starting April.

The annual budget, which was agreed by councillors on 12th December last year, shows a whopping increase of 40%  in fees for “External Audit” from £250 to £350. On top of this, costs for complying with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have been budgeted at £150 plus £48 for the clerk to attend a course. GDPR is affecting every single organisation in the country, public or private, with increased liability for ensuring that personal data is securely stored, protected and disposed of correctly. There are massive fines for breaches, which is why every organisation needs to properly prepare.

All in all, the council has to find another £300 just to comply with its legal obligations. All other items on the budget ran at around inflation or less, but there is a projected overall deficit of £240 – or about the cost of  the increased compliance costs!

Planning Applications

Parish Council website reported the following planning applications which were due for decision at around the time of going to press:

SDNP/17/04869 – Old Post Office Cottage, Watersfield – erection of a front boundary wall and replacement of storage tank  to replace those previously destroyed in a vehicle accident.

SDNP/17/06313 – The Old Dairy, Watersfield – removal of existing shed and erection of replacement summerhouse/shed.

SDNP/17/06415 – Quintons, Sandy Lane, Watersfield – erection of pitched roof garden room to side of existing dwelling.

All applications may be seen on the South Downs National Park planning portal at

Forthcoming Parish Council Meeting

6th February , 7.30pm at the Oak Room, Lodge Hill Centre.

Parishioners are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend Council Meetings.

If a member of the public wishes any item to be raised at a meeting, please inform the Clerk at least ten business days in advance of the date above, to enable an item being included. Members of the public wishing to speak on an agenda item at any meeting must inform the Clerk by noon on the day prior to the meeting.



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