Coldwaltham Parish Council April News

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish meeting will be held at St James School on Tuesday April 17th from 7.30pm-9pm. This is an opportunity for all residents to hear the Annual Reports and to question Councillors on any matter of interest. Everyone is welcome to join the Councillors from 7pm for coffee and the meeting will commence at 7.30 pm prompt.

Parish Council 6th February

Abbreviated and edited extracts from the minutes.

SDNPA Housing Allocation

The meeting was informed that  a draft Development Brief for the proposed housing allocation in Coldwaltham was put forward at a South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) planning meeting in January.

  • SDNPA has agreed to redraft the Development Brief to remove the jargon, writing it in more plain English.
  • In the view of the campaign group the special nature of the area has not been emphasised enough. SDNPA wants to see these items listed on noticeboards at the entrances to the site.
  • The Development Brief will be issued for public consultation in March

Chairman’s Report

The chairman is hoping for a quieter period, the last six months have been very busy for the Parish Council, and he is worried that recent events have discouraged

people from becoming a member of the Parish Council as there has been no interest in the vacant position. He also felt that the recent issues over the proposed land allocation from SDNP had divided the community and we now needed as a PC and a community to avoid any further divisive discussion or representation of information which encouraged polarisation.

Speed Radar

The Speed Radar was presented. A letter is sent to the driver of a vehicle identified by the team, on the first and second occasions. On the third occasion, the driver receives a visit from the police. Should the driver be clocked again by police, a court summons is issued. Two sites have been approved in the village. However, this equipment is for use in 30 and 40 mph areas so is not suitable for the A29 through Bury.

New road markings consultation – Arun Vale

WSCC are consulting about new road markings at the

entrance to Arun Vale, and along its entrance on the A29. This would restrict where cars can park keeping the entrance clear, cars would need to be parked further along the road away from the junction.



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