Chichester Reminder to Recycle this Christmas

Chichester at Christmas

Chichester residents are being reminded to recycle this Christmas by Chichester District Council. They can place glass bottles and jars in their household recycling bin, this means that they can indulge in festive treats like cranberry sauce and sherry with a clear environmental conscience!

Councillor Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Contract Services, at Chichester District Council, says: “Over Christmas we tend to use even more bottles and jars than usual and so we want to make sure that residents are aware that these can go in their burgundy bins with the rest of their recycling.

“Not only will this mean that more glass gets recycled, it also means no need for trips to the bottle bank.”

Thanks to the high-tech machinery at the Materials and Recycling Facility (MRF) at Ford, residents can put their glass bottles and jars in with the rest of their recycling. The bottles and jars must be empty, clean, dry and loose (not in plastic bags) and have lids separated, before being placed in the recycling bins.

For more hints, tips and videos about the many items that can be reused or recycled over the festive period, residents can visit

Households across Chichester District are also being encouraged to make a note of any changes to their waste and recycling collections over the festive period.

The Garden Recycling Service will stop over Christmas and New Year from Friday 22 December and will start again on Monday 8 January.

The changes to waste and recycling collections over Christmas and New Year are as follows:

Normal Collection Day

Pre-Christmas week

Christmas week

New Year

New Year week

Return to Normal Collection Day


Mon 18 Dec

Wed 27 Dec

Wed 3 Jan

Tue 9 Jan

Mon 15 Jan


Tue 19 Dec

Thu 28 Dec

Thu 4 Jan

Wed 10 Jan

Tue 16 Jan


Wed 20 Dec

Fri 29 Dec

Fri 5 Jan

Thu 11 Jan

Wed 17 Jan


Thu 21 Dec

Sat 30 Dec

Sat 6 Jan

Fri 12 Jan

Thu 18 Jan


Fri 22 Dec

Tue 2 Jan

Mon 8 Jan

Sat 13 Jan

Fri 19 Jan

Collection days will return to normal from Monday 15 January. Residents can download and print out their own personalised recycle calendar by visiting

Any extra waste from the holiday period will be picked up by collection crews on the first collection after Christmas.

If residents have any extra recycling, they need to leave it in a loosely tied black sack next to their recycling bin on the day of collection. The collection crews will empty it, leaving the sack tied to the handle of the bin so that it can be reused or disposed of in the waste bin. Unfortunately they cannot take material that is wet, or not in a loosely tied black sack.

Extra recycling for wrapping in Chichester
Extra recycling for present wrapping in Chichester

Residents that subscribe to the council’s Garden Recycling service can leave their real Christmas trees out with their collection to be recycled. Alternatively, real Christmas trees can also be taken to the Household Waste Recycling site (HWRS).

Greenery from wreaths can be composted or placed in garden recycling bins. Any decorations such as ribbon, plastic flowers and berries need to be removed and placed in the normal household waste bin.


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