Barnham and Eastergate Parish Council June News

Edited extracts from draft meeting minutes of the Barnham & Eastergate Council on 14th May 2019.

Planning Application – EG/22/19/OUT

Location: Boweries, Barnham Road, Eastergate

Proposal: The erection of 28 dwellings, access, landscaping & associated works.

The Council considered the application and agreed to submit an objection on the following grounds:

The site sits within the Barnham/Eastergate/Westergate (BEW) strategic development of the adopted 2018 Arun Local Plan and sites within that area should be comprehensively planned through the masterplan endorsed by Adur District Council.  As the masterplan is still in development, this application is premature and the developers should be engaging with the masterplan process.

Barnham & Eastergate have submitted into the master planning process that the plan needs to show a contiguous green infrastructure corridor from that shown on the Southern Consortium A29 consultation proposals across the B2233 and onwards through the Northern Arc development. The Council believe if the Boweries is developed in isolation, then the options to provide this corridor may be restricted.

The Council is dismayed and irritated that developers and site owners will not engage through the BEW master planning process or the Barnham & Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan which is due for review this year.

Resolved: The Council unanimously agreed that the Clerk would submit an objection to Adur District Council based on the points made above.

New Logo for Parish Council

A designer has created some designs for the new Council based upon the windmill and lion (symbols of the previous Barnham and Eastergate Parishes) and a new colour scheme. A favourite design was agreed – it will be presented at the Annual Parish Assembly to show residents before it is formally approved.



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