Washington Parish Council February News

Washington, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of Washington Parish Council meeting 11th December 2017


A member of the public spoke on the dangers of speeding traffic emerging onto the A284 Storrington Road from the Washington Roundabout, and a recent incident in which two children were almost knocked down while crossing the road. He pressed the Parish Council to support a 40mph limit along the two-mile stretch.

Councillors noted a response from the Sussex Police Commission Office which had received only

11 reported motoring offences on the route in the last year and that the issue of a speed reduction was a matter for West Sussex County Council. The Chairman said previous requests had not been progressed by the Authority and it would be helpful to know the facts before taking the matter forward. A councillor commented that Millford Grange residents would strongly support the reduction because the road is too fast and too busy for pedestrians and motorists to cross at peak times. Cllr Marshall (West Sussex County Council) agreed to make enquiries and report to the Clerk before further discussion at the next meeting.

Longbury Hill Tree Felling

A member of the public spoke on the forestry proposals for Longbury Hill Wood and called for some balance between the economic concerns of the applicant, and the reality of the habitat and wildlife in the area. He commented that a brief walk-over survey of just the application site for access and loading bay, seemed insufficient in establishing whether there are any animals of significance in the woodland, and he asked if the Council could press for a survey of the whole woodland. Another member of the public criticised the location of the forestry access directly in front of four properties, including his own, and the significant adverse impact from 44 ton forestry lorries and associated traffic entering and leaving the site. He feared that speeding along Rock Road would increase once visibility was improved by the forestry clearance, and commented on the lack of pathways or safety along the road. He did not feel the concerns had been addressed in the planning reports. The Chairman commented that the Parish Council had already made its response to the planning application and was not permitted to change its response.

Later in the meeting it resolved to make the proposals in the response to the application, pointing out that more than 90 residents have recently objected to applications for the site. Furthermore, to request that replanting should be robustly enforced.

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