Sussex Charity Turning Tides and National Charity StreetVet Forge Partnership with the Support of Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

In a significant development for community support services, Turning Tides and StreetVet have announced a new partnership, with Roffey Place becoming a StreetVet Accredited Hostel. This initiative has been made possible through the remarkable efforts of fundraiser Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, whose creative contributions have brought these two charities together. This marks a significant advancement in the support provided to the homeless community in West Sussex and their beloved pets.
Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, known for his unique and endearing pet portraits, has been a long-time supporter of both charities, Turning Tides and StreetVet. Van Wolfwinkle’s ‘rubbish’ portraits, as he humorously deems them, have garnered widespread attention, raising significant funds and uniting pet lovers in support of both Turning Tides and StreetVet. His recent joined fundraising efforts brings the overall fundraising to over £321,000!
“I’ve been fundraising for Turning Tides and StreetVet for the last three years, so it feels like two friends from different circles have eventually met. Roffey Place becoming aSteetVet Accredited Hostel is so much more than that though, this link between the charities means that, with the support of StreetVet, Turning Tides can now provide even greater care to the people and animals they are assisting at Roffey”. – Hercule Van Wolfwinkle.
Turning Tides, a leading charity in West Sussex, has dedicated itself to addressing homelessness with a comprehensive array of services, including outreach, advice, and accommodation. Since 1991, it has become the largest provider of homeless services for adults in the region, fostering community connections and transforming lives.
“I first moved to Roffey Place and then the [Turning Tides ‘Move On’ accommodation] farmhouse in West Sussex when I was made homeless due to my wife passing away, and then the home I was living for 15 years, was repossessed. In this time StreetVet has been Winston’s veterinary carers. This combination of great care, in my view prolonged Winton’s life. I was told that Winstons care, and the care they give to dogs like mine, is at the heart of what they do. StreetVet care is excellent, and I could not want better. Thank you for your expertise and knowledge for keeping him on the right track.” – Micky, a Turning Tides resident.
StreetVet, an award-winning national charity, provides free veterinary care to the pets of individuals experiencing homelessness. With a team of compassionate vets and vet nurse volunteers, StreetVet believes in maintaining the bond between owners and their pets, offering support through initiatives like the Accredited Hostel Scheme. Many people experiencing homelessness face the impossible choice between a roof over their heads or giving up their best friend, a choice nobody should have to make.
“Turning Tides is a fantastic charity that StreetVet is delighted to work alongside. Roffey Place has become the first StreetVet Accredited Hostel with Turning Tides and we have formed a strong partnership with staff to support their residents with pets on their journey to independent living accommodation. We look forward to our collaboration flourishing and seeing what we can achieve together.” Laura Sayer, Manager of the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme.
The inclusion of Roffey Place in the StreetVet Accredited Hostel Scheme marks a milestone in inclusive support for people that have experienced homelessness and their pets. This partnership ensures that residents at Roffey Place do not have to part with their pets, acknowledging the therapeutic importance of these companionships.
The collaboration between Turning Tides and StreetVet, championed by Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, exemplifies the power of community and the arts in driving social change. It is a testament to collective effort in forming collaborations to benefit those in need, including those who find comfort in the company of their pets.


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