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This is a difficult time for clubs and society organisations throughout the UK at the moment, but The Storrington and District Probus Club is still planning ahead for when it can resume its monthly lunches and social events.

Before we were confined by the present virus to perfecting our decorating and gardening skills, we went to Fentons Farm, near Tunbridge Wells which is England’s first dedicated rink for the winter sport of curling.

Having seen the sport on the television, we practised our sweeping and delivery techniques to get in trim for the real thing, which proved to be more challenging than we thought.

16 members and wives gathered nervously for coaching from the instructors and were very grateful that we could use poles to help us push the stones rather than prostrate ourselves on the ice trying to look graceful.

Those participants who had previously bowled outdoors on greens or indoors on mats enjoyed the difference between bowling a relatively light round wooden ball and a monster 40lb lump of Scottish granite.

We intend to return to Fentons Farm next year to ‘hone our skills’ and maybe one day we can throw away our poles and skim like agile penguins along the ice.

If you are a retired or semi-retired gentleman who looks forward to resuming social contact for yourself and wife or partner, The Storrington and District Probus Club will be very happy to invite you to join us.

We will not be able to see you until present restrictions are relaxed but in the meantime if you are interested please contact our Membership secretary Brian Stow by email or see our website


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