Pulborough Schools May Roundup

Bury School

A report from student Hannah, Y5

In a change from usual, one of our children was so taken with our recent author visit that she wanted to tell you all about it…

Situated in the green hills and breath-taking views of the South Downs, a small school is nestled at the base of the bluffs on the outskirts of the ancient village of Bury is Bury CE Primary School. Being a small school, the students receive an education with extra advantages, like Forest Schools (Bury Rangers), School Camp, a Summer School Walk, and visits from authors. In this particular case, an international author and illustrator.

Bury does lots of work with authors. Before Christmas, Year 5 and 6 (Buzzard Class) based their writing on a book named ‘Beowulf’, by Michael Morpurgo. Shortly afterwards, they received a letter from Michael Morpurgo himself, telling them how good their work was as Buzzards’ teacher had sent it to him. After Christmas, Buzzards participated in a shared school writing collaboration based on specially drawn Chris Riddell drawings. Not long after that, Buzzards received a letter from Abi Elphinstone, author of ‘Sky Song’, as a result of the work they had been doing on Sky Song, alongside personalised bookplates. Their author for the Spring term was William Grill, author of Shackleton’s Journey which they had been studying. Luckily, William used to live locally and was keen to visit.

Thursday the 21st of March, 2019, was the day that William Grill came in. At around 9:00am, William began an assembly about himself in which he explained what had got him into art and showed the students how he drew. William Grill elucidated that in his younger years, he watched his older brother and his friends sitting at the kitchen table and drawing. Thanks to competitive spirit, William immediately wanted to do the same. William Grill is dyslexic and always hated reading and writing but somehow he has still managed to become an author. At the age of 29, William has not only written and illustrated 2 of his own books, but he has also illustrated many others.

After the assembly, William led a workshop with the youngest class (Year R, 1 and 2), Kestrels. After morning break, William Grill led a workshop with Year 3 and 4 of Bury CE Primary School (Sparrowhawks Class), and Year 3 and 4 from Slindon Primary School. Following lunch, Year 5 and 6 from Fittleworth Primary School came and joined in with the session that William Grill led for Buzzard Class. Gabriel, Year 6, Buzzard Class, said that “William Grill has inspired me to draw in the most interesting, creative way possible.”.  Skye, Year 5, Buzzards Class said that, “William Grill has motivated me to find my own imaginative style of drawing.”

Many at Fittleworth and Bury School bought books from William Grill which he signed individually. All at Bury would consider this visit an exciting, inspirational opportunity and look forward to another of these special visits.

By Hannah, Yr 5 Buzzard Class

Little do the children know, we have already secured a multi-award winning author and illustrator for next year…

Mr Moore, Headteacher www.bury.w-sussex.sch.uk

St James Coldwaltham

Rocket scientists

Future rocket scientists, bridge engineers and pizza chefs were in action this week as Amberley and Coldwaltham Schools combined for a hugely enjoyable and successful science and technology day.

The youngest children designed, created and cooked some delicious pizzas which they all enjoyed for tea. Pupils in Years 3 and 4 were given the challenge to design and build bridges which had to support a 1kg weight over a given distance; the children researched, designed, built and amended their bridges working collaboratively in small teams; all teams’ designs were unique and imaginative and they all succeeded.

Pupils in years 5 and 6 designed and created moon buggies and space rockets.  The day ended with the oldest pupils launching their rockets using air and water pressure, some reaching heights of over 10 metres.

‘Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) has been the focus of learning at both schools this year,’ said Jon Gilbert, Head Teacher at both schools. ‘The children actively learn through first-hand experience and everyone experiences success in their learning through our exciting and innovative curriculum.’ For more photos of the day
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