Message from Horsham District Council

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From Councillor Ray Dawe, Leader of Horsham District Council

Like the rest of the country, in Horsham District we are facing the very serious issue of the coronavirus.

We are now entering a phase in dealing with this disease that will require big changes to the way we live. It will undoubtedly continue for weeks rather than days. Things are changing daily and will touch virtually all aspects of our lives.

As a council we have already made internal changes and stopped non-essential council meetings to concentrate on how we can best deal with this issue. We are also working with the NHS and other councils to ensure we co-ordinate our actions.

This is a huge and unprecedented change for us all. We can best meet the challenge of COVID-19 by supporting one another, listening to government advice and working together.

We will share relevant information with you over the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, please take care, look out for your neighbours and get them to our ‘latest news’ at


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