Great British family names & their history

Great British

The history of Great Britain has been largely defined by powerful and influential families, many of whose names have come down to us from Celtic, Danish, Saxon or Norman ancestors. Their family names fill the pages of our history books.

Iconic family names like Wellington, Nelson, Shakespeare, Cromwell, Constable, De Montfort and Montgomery… there are innumerable others. They reflect the long chequered history of Britain, and demonstrate the assimilation of the many cultures and languages which have migrated to these islands over the centuries, which have resulted in the emergence of our language.

This book is a snapshot of several hundred family names, including family names from West Sussex and delves into their beginnings and derivations. It makes extensive use of old sources, including translations of The Domesday Book and The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, as well as tracing many through the centuries to the present day.

About the Author

John Moss studied Fine Arts and English in Wolverhampton and Manchester Art Schools. When he retired, he began writing: a science fiction trilogy in 2013, and now his first foray into historical non-fiction.

Great British family names and their history is available to buy for just £19.99. Contact Pen & Sword Books 01226 734267 or visit

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