Eastergate Parish Council September News

St George's Church, Eastergate

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 5th July 2018.

County Councillor report

Lidsey landfill site was mentioned where, in due course, sheep would be able to graze. The Right of Way footpath over the site would be re-instated and opened when gas valves were secured. New cycle routes linked to Site 6 were referred to and also news was advised of St. Philip Howard School providing a new fence north of their car park. Some dead trees would be removed.

Facilities and Projects

Hall bookings for June were very positive. Cricket Club members were making good use of the facilities, but the table tennis club were not able to move to the pavilion as it was not suitable. The Badminton Club were struggling to attract new players and their return on the 5th September was doubtful. Sufficient money to purchase two de-fibrillators had been collected, with large amounts received through the coffee mornings. Complaints had been received regarding litter bins and numerous requests had been made to ADC to remedy this.


Members were informed that the play area bins were overflowing once again. The problem had been reported to ADC and further efforts would be made to encourage regular emptying. Members were advised that a concept drawing was to be provided in relation to possible development of the pavilion, free of charge.

Merger with Barnham Parish Council

Members discussed the present position regarding the proposed merger of the councils. There was a second round of consultation and an objection had been received. It was considered that there may be a warding issue at the heart of the objection. The necessary papers would be advertised with a decision due by the 1st December, in time for the production of the electoral roll. Subject to approval from the authorities, it was anticipated that the amalgamation of the councils would take place on the 1st April 2019.


Unpleasant smells apparently emanating from the pond behind Upton Brooks. It was suggested that this was caused by foul water from the new development. A poor response to parishioners’ concerns from ADC was reported. Lack of grass cutting at the open spaces and elsewhere. he problem was due to an excessive growth period whilst the normal cutting routine was undertaken.



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