Care for Veterans Volunteers and Runners Commemorate D-Day at the Worthing 10K

The Worthing 10 k event, recently held just after the poignant 80th anniversary of D-day, saw a spectacular turnout, reflecting a deep community spirit and commitment to supporting Care For Veterans.

This year’s race was particularly significant, with participants running not only in commemoration of a key historical event but also to raise vital funds for the ongoing care and rehabilitation of our disabled veterans at Gifford House; home of Care for Veterans.

The day was marked by the participation of many supporters, including 22 sappers from various Royal Engineer units 516 STRE (BP), 503 STRE (FI), 521 STRE (WD), and 65 WKS GP. The event also saw participation from 16 cadets from the City of Portsmouth College Combined Cadet Force and three respected veterans: Steve Boylan, George Vahga, and Edward Sampson.

Among the wheelchair Teams were Steven Merridue, pushed by his dad David, who were the first in the wheelchair category to cross the finish line, a spectacular achievement.

We also had runners from Britton & Time Solicitors and The Letting Partnership, and they also gave us volunteers to help at the gazebo.

The event was not just about the race; it included a full support system of volunteers who managed various logistics and provided care, including Ingrid Sbongk-Sonderfeld, who offered sports massages before the race and for recovery after the race.

The start of the race was led by Worthing & Adur Town Crier, Bob Smytherman, who delivered a moving speech to motivate the runners and commemorate the D-Day anniversary.

The race had a strong turnout of over 80 participants and supporters, mirroring the 80 years since D-Day, each contributing to the noble cause of aiding veterans. This alignment of the number of participants with the anniversary was a tribute to those who served during one of the most significant military operations in history.

This event not only served as a physical challenge for the participants but also as a fundraising initiative, reflecting the broad spectrum of support for veterans in the Worthing area and beyond. The success of the Worthing 10k is a testament to the collective effort to honour and support those who have served their country.


Over £9,000 was raised on the day, and is still rising with donations still being made, all of which goes towards funding the care and rehabilitation of disabled veterans. The event was fantastic, and Care for Veterans would like to offer their sincere gratitude to the runners, volunteers and supporters who made it possible.

If you would like to get involved with any of the fundraising events orchestrated by Care for Veterans, then click here.


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