Annual Vintage Car Show at Amberley Museum with opportunity to view motoring from before 1956

Vintage Car show - JB4984 1934 1200cc Austin Lichfield Saloon. DS6527 1914 3600cc Ford Model T Roadster Runabout. April 2018 VC

Vintage Car Show in Amberley Museum

On Sunday, April 3rd, over 150 vintage cars, all built before 1956, will be heading for Amberley Museum (north of Arundel) to take part in its annual Vintage Car Show.

Open 10 am to 4 pm, it’s an opportunity for everyone to view and hear about the luxury, sporting and the everyday cars of a long-past era of motoring, when every journey was an experience and driving by no means always a comfortable pastime.

Known to enthusiasts as the ‘Cobweb Run’, the event is one of the first historic motoring gatherings of the year and is often the first chance to see new restorations as well as shop for collectables at the autojumble stalls.

Vintage cars on display in the museum

The earliest car will be a pioneering Benz of 1899. Worthing owner Gordon Cobbold has restored numerous veteran motor cars and will also be showing his 1924 Austin ‘Heavy 12’ saloon which bears its original paintwork.

Fans of Austin Seven will be well catered for with a ‘Chummy’ tourer dating from the mid-twenties, racing examples from the thirties and even van versions. Also grabbing attention will be several of the three-wheeler Morgan sports cars dating from between 1922 and 1938, along with a wide range of their contemporary competitors such as MG, Riley, Jaguar and Sunbeam.

A special feature of the event is that all the participants drive their cars to the show and as they leave just after 4 pm there will be a commentary on their role in motoring history.

Visitors to the Vintage Car Show can enjoy the whole of Amberley Museum with its unique displays of working and industrial history, transport and industrial railways.

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