Yapton Parish Council November News

Yapton, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of the meeting of Yapton Parish Council held on 10th September 2018.

King George V Playing Field – Grass Cutting,. A parishioner ask why was the grass cutting contractor only cutting the main field and not the edges. There was only one driver present using the tractor/mower. He stated that this had happened twice and the boundary of the field was looking very untidy. The Clerk was asked to look into the matter.

  1. Comet Corner junction of A259 and Yapton Road – A query was raised about the 50mph speed limit at the junction now that the cycle route works had been completed. This was also seen as too fast and dangerous for the junction especially if making a right turn onto the A259. Concern was expressed about the height of the vegetation on the verges in the vicinity of the junction which was obstructing the view along the road. County Councillor Mrs Jacky Pendleton would look in to the matter.

Yapton Playing Field Entrance Posts – the Chairman confirmed that the lengths of chain offered by a local resident at the last meeting had been utilised in repairing the posts following the recent incursion by the travellers. The Clerk was asked to check that the were securely in place.

Horses on the Playing Field. Confirmation that the local bye-laws prohibited the riding of horses on the field had been published on the Council’s website and local media sites. Following that, one of the alleged riders, post a comment on the village Facebook page, and from that contact details were found. The Clerk wrote to the Parents of the alleged rider asking that they refrain from riding on the field and to pass on the information to anyone else they knew who was riding on the field. No reply has been forthcoming as a result of the letter.

The Ford Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Council noted an e-mail received on the 10th August from Arun District Council informing the Council that The Ford Neighbourhood Development Plan had successfully passed examination and sending congratulations to the Ford neighbourhood planning group and to the Ford Parish Council on this achievement. The District Council had received the Examiner’s report on the Ford Neighbourhood Development Plan which concluded that, subject to the modifications in the report, the Plan should proceed to referendum. Further information on the Ford NDP can be found at https://www.arun.gov.uk/ford-neighbourhood-development-plan .



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