Yapton Parish Council May News

Yapton, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of the meeting of Yapton Parish Council held on 11th March 2019.

Lights in Village Hall Car Park

A resident asked why the light nearest the village hall was still very dim. Apparently two lights were dim, but were due to be replaced in the next week

Persimmon Homes Emerald Gardens development

A resident of Emerald Gardens asked the Chairman if he had had a response to the query he raised at the last meeting. The Chairman responded by saying that he had walked round the development, but was not clear where the issues he had mentioned were occurring. Two Council Members commented that there were large bags of polystyrene on the development and that the landscaping had not been completed properly. The Chairman agreed to meet the resident on site to view the issues.

Junction of Maypole Lane and North End Road

A resident raised the issue of the high volume of traffic around the junction since the introduction of the full barriers at the Yapton Railway crossing. The Clerk was asked to raise the issue of safety at the junction with the local highways department.

Low level Crime

A resident raised the issue of low level crime and graffiti which had been affecting certain parts of the village recently. He asked if there was anything the local police could do to limit the effects of this activity. The Chairman stated that he had recently received information to show that Sussex Police had commenced recruiting more PCSO’s. The Clerk referred to contact he had had recently with the PCSO from the Arun and Chichester Local Policing Team who had sought permission to attend tonight’s meeting to discuss any issues in Yapton. The Clerk reported that he had agreed that the PCSO should attend the next meeting on the 13th May.

Traffic Calming in Yapton

A resident asked what was happening with regard to traffic calming measures in the village. It was also suggested that the Community Speedwatch scheme originally set up under John Mills leadership has now ceased operations. The Clerk reported there were a number of residents willing to volunteer to join the group. The Clerk also reported that any Community Speedwatch Group had to run with Police oversight.

Double yellow lines

West Sussex CC are proposing to introduce double yellow lines on the south side of Main Road in Yapton, at its junction with Kings Close.



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