Yapton Parish Council June News

This time of the year the business of Yapton Council changes to reflect on the previous year’s activities and at the same time setting up the framework for conducting the Council’s business for the year ahead. Following the local elections 7 councillors have been returned without the need for an election. The Parish Council will be co-opting 3 people to fill the vacant seats on the Council.

Annual Parish Meeting – The first meeting held on the 13th May was the Annual Parish Meeting. This was attended by 7 parish councillors and 13 members of the public. This meeting is designed to give all those living in the parish the chance to hear the Chairman’s Annual Report on the activities of the Parish Council in the previous year, and to see how the parish council tax has been spent.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council – the next meeting in the series of four meetings being held on the 13th May was the Annual Meeting of the Yapton Parish Council. This was effectively the AGM and appointments were made to the four committees and representatives were appointed to sit on various external bodies. A new Staffing Committee was also set up. The audited accounts are also received by this meeting. Councillor Stephen Haymes was re-elected Chairman of the Parish Council and Councillor Michael Pickthall was re-elected Vice-Chairman.

The following were elected to the four committees:

Allotments: Tony Kendall

Emergency & Resilience: Agreed to defer appointments to July meeting

Planning: Derek Ambler, Peter Dunkley, Tony Kendall, Doug May and Mrs Vicky Newman

Playing Field: Peter Dunkley and Michael Pickthall

Staffing: Stephen Haymes, Michael Pickthall and Peter Dunkley

Following on from the AGM an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council took place – to deal with the ordinary parish council business.

Planning Committee – the Committee received the planning decisions taken over the last two months and agreed the Parish’s response to current planning applications.

Yapton Neighbourhood Plan – the parish council agreed that Derek Ambler, Tony Kendall and Doug Maw would join Vicky Newman as the Council’s representatives on the Yapton Neighbourhood Plan Steering group.

The next meeting is on Monday 9th July at 7:30pm.




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