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Yapton, West Sussex

Edited extracts from draft minutes of the meeting of Yapton Parish Council held on 14th January 2019.

Public Questions

The following questions/issues were raised by members of the public present:

  • A resident of the newly constructed “Emerald Gardens” development off Goodhew Close, asked if the Parish Council could support residents living on the development to get Persimmon to get outstanding matters attended to following completion of the site. It was suggested that the Management Committee could assist with this, and the resident was asked to prepare a list of issues outstanding and send to Persimmon with a letter of complaint. The Chairman stated that he would raise the matter with the Arun Planning Enforcement team.
  • A resident living near to St Mary’s Church asked if the Church could be requested to put signage at the end of Church Lane / Road, when large services were taking place at the church to try to ease congestion caused at peak service times. The Clerk was asked to raise the issue with the local vicar.
  • A resident of Maypole Lane raised the issue of flooding caused at the junction of Maypole Lane and North End Road during recent heavy rain. He had reported the matter to West Sussex County Council highways who had sent out a tanker to clear the excess water. However, this only gave a temporary respite of the situation and he suggested that the drains in the area may be blocked or broken. The Clerk was asked to raise the issue with the local highways department.
  • It was reported that at busy times traffic waiting to cross the Yapton railway crossing, following the recent installation of full crossing barriers, were backing up right down North End Road, and creating a blockage at the junction of North End Road / Ford Lane / Maypole Lane. It was suggested that a box junction be installed at the junction. The Clerk was asked to write to the local highways department.
  • A local resident who had attended last month’s meeting when Age Uk had given a presentation on Social Prescribing, asked if the Parish Council had received a grant application as outlined at the last meeting. The Clerk confirmed that he had received an application which was being held over until the July meeting of the Parish Council when grant applications were normally considered.
  • Yapton & Ford Village Hall Car Park – a number of vehicles were being parked in the lower car park – furthest away from the hall – by the person living at Two Hoots on Bilsham Road. What could be done to prevent these vehicles from parking for long periods when this car park was principally for short-stay users of the local facilities and shops. A discussion ensued on the options available and it was agreed that the Clerk should write to the owner of the vehicles, asking that they be removed and send a copy to the Arun Planning Enforcement Team. The Clerk would also write to Arun’s Monitoring Officer to see if there had been any update on the previous advice given regarding the management of the car parks.

Mattters arising

  • Proposed Traffic Regulation Order – Kings Close, Yapton – A response had been received from Kingham Homes stating that they would consider the Council’s request for the double yellow no parking lines to be extended further from Main Road into King’s Close.
  • Traffic issues on Burndell Road – The Clerk will be looking into re-starting the group and seeking to attract new members who could assist with the Community Speedwatch Scheme in the coming weeks.
  • Security Bund – the progress made in introducing possible works to improve the security of the Playing Field along the boundary with the Village Hall Car Park and the main access way to the Playing Field. The construction of a bund could be made along the length from the village hall to the end of the car park. Drawings had been prepared and have been submitted to Arun District Council Planners to see if planning permission is required. The access way would require either new posts or a gate to be installed. One estimate for the provision of drop-down bollards across the entrance has been received in the sum of £4,000 including installation. The resurfacing of the entrance to the field is also being investigated. Costs for these associated elements of the work are currently being sought.
  • Village Hall Car Park Lights – there had been some recent issues with the lights not working on these columns. It was reported that the anti-climbing spikes had been installed on the columns to prevent the photo cells being taken or damaged. The 2 lamps which are very feint are due to be replaced in the coming weeks.

2019/20 Budget and Precept

The Council agreed that the budget resulting in the Council’s net expenditure of £58,750 was needed in 2019/20 to maintain its local services. Following a robust and detailed discussion it was agreed that the Council Tax needed to fund the proposed budget for 2019/20 should be increased by 10%. This would result in a precept of £59,530. This would produce an average Band D council tax of £42.34, which represents an annual increase of £3.85 on last year’s figure (equivalent to a weekly increase of approximately £0.07 per Band D property. Editor – there is a lot more detail on the discussion on the website.



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