Worthing’s representative has a right royal time at Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Former Mayor of Worthing Alex Harman had a right royal time as an official guest at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day.
Just a day after ending his year-long stint as the town’s youngest ever first citizen, Alex, 24, headed up to Windsor with his wife Fran for the big day.
The couple were among the 2,640 members of the public invited by the now Duke and Duchess and Sussex to enjoy the occasion.
And after a full day of interviewing, flag-waving and cheering, Alex said it was extremely “humbling” to attend and he was looking forward to welcoming Harry and Meghan to visit the county of their title soon.
Alex, who represents Selden ward on Worthing Borough Council, said: “The whole day was absolutely fantastic. One of the things that stood out about the whole day was the togetherness of everyone. When I got the email saying that we had been invited to attend our personal excitement grew. But when when arrived in the town in the morning it multiplied many times over.
“As soon as we walked across the bridge from Eton into Windsor, the feeling was incredible. It was absolutely manic, with an incredible feeling of celebration. When we got into the queue for the castle grounds, the mood was simply fantastic.”
Alex and Fran celebrated the day in the company of selected people from across the UK.
Harry and Meghan wanted ordinary members of the public to take part in their day, so they asked Lord Lieutenants to invite individuals to join the celebrations, including young people who have shown strong leadership, and those who have served their communities.

Alex said: “We were based just outside the west entrance of the chapel and saw a number of the celebrity guests walk right past us – the cast of Suits, George Clooney, Elton John – no one really stood out but turned into a who’s who game trying to spot who came in!
“Then when we saw Prince William and Harry walking in, that’s really when the anticipation of the crowd really started to grow.
“We heard the service though the broadcasters and after the wedding had finished we were able to go into the chapel.
“When I got a notification through on my phone Harry and Meghan would be Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that added to the occasion as it is first time in 140 or so years that we have had that title used.”
As well as enjoying the occasion with his wife, Alex was a man in demand, carrying out interviews with journalists from Reuters, BBC Sussex, More Radio and Heart throughout the day.
Even though he celebrated the occasion away from the town, he said he was delighted with the way people locally marked the wedding.
Alex said: “From what we saw in Worthing, residents across the area were excited and really tuned into it. The way that people bought into the royal wedding, whether it was through events like the Broadwater Picnic or travelling up and camping in Windsor, was fantastic.
“It shows what impact having such a dynamic young couple who are modernising the royalty and bringing it into the modern age can have on people. Harry and Meghan are really personal and, because of that, people relate to them.
“This royal wedding was completely different to anything else, even with the fact they invited members of the public like us along, and that came across on the day.
“They are fantastic ambassadors for the county and I hope to see them in Worthing some time soon!”


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