Worthing Churches Homeless Projects Rebrands

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects, a well-known local charity has after 26 years rebranded to Turning Tides. The decision was taken after much consideration and consultation.

“We held various focus groups with our staff, clients and volunteers and it reaffirmed how vital it was that our charity should encourage potential clients to approach us and to promote the fact that our services now spread beyond Worthing” – Sue Stevens, PR and Fundraising Manager who has been with the charity for over 12 years.

From modest beginnings, as a group of Christians visiting the homeless on the seafront offering food and practical help, Worthing Churches Homeless Projects became vital to supporting homeless men and women in Worthing.

The sheer determination, generosity and compassion shown over the years by local people has been fundamental to the achievements and developments of the charity. Unique opportunities have allowed them to provide pathways out of homelessness – making the aspirations of every homeless person to be housed a real and viable option.

A former homeless client said, “Absolutely love the name Turning Tides. Anybody who has reached the bottom feels hopeless. So it is like the promise of a future – it gives the message of hope”.

John Holmstrom, Chief Executive hoped that “the new name and logo emphasizes the power we have as a community to change and turn the tide of homelessness. It is both meaningful and evocative – it carries a message of hope and profound change”.

Turning Tides launched on 1st October 2018 and was welcomed at an inspirational event on Sunday 30th September where hundreds took part in a fundraising walk / jog / run along Worthing Seafront. Clients handed out medals to all who took part and the event was full of warmth and community strength. The new contact details for Turning Tides are: www.turning-tides.org.uk and info@turning-tides.org.uk. Social media has moved over to @turningtidesorg


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