Worthing Borough Council’s commitment to housing the homeless

New homes for the areas most vulnerable residents built behind the old Downview Pub

Worthing Borough Council is stepping up its efforts to help the most vulnerable residents by delivering a range of improved accommodation at Rowlands Road and Downview Road.

The development will provide the Council with 36 units for temporary and emergency accommodation for homeless people and young families, as well as ensuring children do not need to change schools by moving out of the borough. Despite building costs, the new homes will deliver huge savings to taxpayers thanks to a reduction in more expensive spending on private housing such as bed and breakfast or hotels.

The old Downview Pub site on Tarring Road
The old Downview Pub site on Tarring Road

As part of Worthing Council’s Housing Strategy, the authority has outlined its commitment to improving the levels of affordable housing and temporary accommodation after a significant increase in demand in the town over a 14-month period.

It is estimated that the Downview development will save Worthing Borough Council an estimated £104,000 in the first year with an average saving of £245,000 per year thereafter, while the Rowlands development would save around £58,000 per year.

Councillor Heather Mercer, Worthing Borough Council’s Member for Customer Services, which includes housing, said: “Worthing Borough Council is committed to delivering new housing for all, especially to young families and those who are homeless. This new project will give vulnerable families peace of mind and help children stay at their current schools instead of having to move ‘out of Borough’. Housing development projects like this are so important as they drastically improve the lives of young families, cut the risk of mental and physical health problems, as well as giving children some much-needed stability instead of having to constantly move.”

The Rowlands Road and Downview Road projects are part of the Thriving People and Communities scheme.

Annual World Homeless Day taking place this year on the 10th of October! www.worldhomelessday.org

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