Post mastectomy artists’ protest planned

An inflatable boob, in support of Vicky Martins Campaign

Frustrated nipple artists are taking the power back by all wearing inflatable boobs to show the social media platforms they have a voice. 

Medical tattooist Vicky Martin is the founder of the World Medical Artists platform. 

“For so long I have been hearing breast cancer survivors and artist’s frustrations and concerns with social media platforms blocking and removing posts and accounts.” This is happening within the breast cancer and Medical Artists World with post mastectomy pictures being labelled as ‘porn’ and hence being removed. 

These important images are deemed to be pornographic and are subsequently removed and accounts are blocked by social media platforms.

The aim is for all medical tattoo artists and breast cancer survivors to be able to freely post images without being blocked and subsequently losing their account for days on end.

The World Medical Artists are making a stand on 1st September, and they are coming together for an event in London. They are trying to work alongside Instagram and Facebook in making sure these images can be posted and used.

By supporting this cause it will help enable these incredible people to love their bodies once again.

For further information please see Vicky’s website


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