Workshops to motivate people to lose weight in Chichester District

The Chichester Wellbeing ‘Move it and Lose it’ workshops help residents lose weight, get fit, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

It can often feel hard putting healthier changes in place but these workshops help put the ‘willpower’ and ‘drive’ behind losing weight.

The workshops are led by a Registered Nutritional Therapist and are designed to help people lose weight, get back on track and feel healthier. The workshops involve giving advice and information on eating a healthy diet for life and taking a detailed look at people’s eating habits and lifestyles.  Each workshop covers a different topic from challenging the myths about diets, right through to how stress and lack of sleep may affect appetite and food cravings.

The 13 week programme is designed to help people lose weight and keep it off.

The workshops start on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 30 April: 6.30 – 7.30pm at Westgate Leisure Chichester;
  • Wednesday 1 May: 10 – 11am at Westgate Leisure Chichester;
  • Thursday 2 May: 9.30 – 11am at The Grange, Midhurst;
  • Thursday 2 May: 12.15 – 2.00pm at The Selsey Centre.

“Our Move it and Lose it Workshops focus on a combination of healthy eating, nutrition, exercise and education to help people lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles, says Pam Bushby, Divisional Manager for Communities at Chichester District Council. “The workshops have been running for a number of years now and we always receive excellent feedback from clients.”

Richard Derkusovs was advised by his GP to attend the workshops and has since lost over five stone.

“I would certainly recommend the weight loss workshop it’s the best thing I ever did, I should have done something like this 20 years ago” says Richard Derkusovs.  “The weight loss has been the major impact in my life having lost almost six stone over the last three years. I have also regained control of my Type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar levels are back down to that of a non-diabetic”.

Peter and Mavis Heard attended the workshops together and have lost over seven stone between them.

“We think the service is brilliant”, says Peter Heard. “It has really opened our eyes to a lot of things to do with our health and wellbeing.

Mavis Heard said “I found the lesson around food labelling very useful and we both regularly check food labels while out shopping.”

“We both feel more energetic and alert since losing the weight and we are able to spend more time gardening and doing other activities.”

The whole 13-week course costs £30 and includes a free taster session and access to the First Steps to Fitness Scheme.

Residents can sign up or for more information about Move it and Lose it by contacting Chichester Wellbeing on 01243 521041 or by emailing


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