Work starts on Angmering traffic-calming scheme

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A scheme aimed at encouraging better driver behaviour and a safer, more consistent traffic speed, started in Angmering this week.

Residents raised concerns that the existing road ‘build-outs’, also known as ‘chicanes’, were encouraging poor driving in the village. Angmering Parish Council identified this issue in its Neighbourhood Plan and has been working with the county council to try to find a solution.

The new traffic-calming measures, funded entirely through developer contributions, include:

• Removing existing road build-outs

• Installing ‘raised tables’ (raised sections of road with a ramp on each side) at junctions in Station Road, Water Lane and Roundstone Lane

• Installing a raised table at the pedestrian-controlled crossing in Water Lane

• Installing speed cushions (pairs of mini speed bumps) in Station Road, Roundstone Lane and High Street

• Speed limit road markings in Water Lane and High Street

• Extending the existing 20mph speed limit into Water Lane, Roundstone Lane and further south in Station Road.

Bob Lanzer, county council Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said: “The new features are proven traffic calming measures and comply with national design guidance.

“The removal of the build-outs is aimed at addressing residents’ concerns about inappropriate driver behaviour, in which motorists increased their speeds between the current priority build-outs.

“The new measures, alongside an extended 20mph speed limit, promote a more constant flow of traffic, as opposed to the current stop/start situation of the build-outs. On balance, this is likely to result in less vehicular emissions and lower noise levels.

“The upgraded pedestrian crossing will include more advanced detection methods for both vehicles and pedestrians, and will be more energy efficient.”

During the works, temporary traffic lights and road closures to through-traffic will be required for the safety of the public and workforce. Diversions will be in place. Pedestrian access will be maintained and businesses will be open as usual.

Bob said: “Unfortunately there will be disruption during the works. However, we will do all we can to keep this to a minimum and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

The new traffic-calming measures are being funded through developer contributions (known as section 106 contributions) of around £360,000.

It is estimated the work will be finished in June, although this could change due to factors such as the weather.


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