Win tickets to see Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

Fabulous song and dance routines, at the Regis Centre

It might have the most well remembered scene of any musical in history, but if you are one of
the few people who has never seen it, Singin’ In The Rain has a great deal more to offer!

Set in Hollywood’s dying days of silent movies, Don Lockwood looks set to easily transition to the
‘talkies’, but co-star Lina Lamont with her poor singing voice and harsh Brooklyn accent, might
not be so lucky. At the suggestion of Cosmo Brown, Don’s new love interest, Kathy Selden, is
drafted in to provide the voice and vocals that will be dubbed over Lina Lamont’s performance.

The emotional rollercoaster of actors trying to survive Hollywood’s monumental transition to talking pictures, told through its fabulous song and dance routines give the production its well-deserved legendary status.

We have a pair of tickets available to see Singin’ In The Rain at the Alexandra Theatre, Regis Centre
on Friday 18th March at 7.30pm.

To enter the competition read the above text and enter using the form below. The closing date is the 28th February 2022.


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