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The Great Houdini: His British Tours by Derek Tait successfully pieces together Houdini’s tours of Great Britain in the early twentieth century using archive material, old newspaper clippings and extensive research. His friendship with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is also documented, along with his involvement with seances and spiritualism.

While at the Hippodrome in Brighton between 9 and 14 May 1904, Houdini escaped from a box constructed by a local staircase maker. In a later visit in  he performed at least two recorded outdoor stunts while appearing at the Hippodrome. One involved him leaping from a tall ladder beside Brighton Pier and the other diving chained from a steamer.

This book gives the most comprehensive account of his time touring the UK and brings to life the exitement and thrills of his many appearances. It contains many photos and adverts from his shows, some of which have not been seen since they were published over 100 years ago. Available at book stores or online from the publisher Pen & Sword Books at

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