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Have you ever wondered why you have one or many thickened toenails? Some nails take the form of a yellow or brownish colour or may even look bruised. These nails are not only thick but can be distorted in shape.

This is the description of fungal nails. The cause of fungal nails is predominately trauma. Trauma such as someone treading on your toes. It is common in people who play sport, particularly football or rugby. Or it can be caused by stubbing your toe or even running long distances where the toes are overworking and rubbing against the tops of the shoes.

Such injuries cause bruising to the nail bed which lifts up the nail as well as causing damage to the nail base and the nail itself. The nail may break off completely to be replaced eventually by a distorted nail; the damage is done.

Fungal nails are a common ailment treated in Podiatry/Chiropody by rehydrating the nails and treating the fungal spores and improving the shape of the nail.
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