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Hspace is based in West Sussex and specialises in decluttering and organising homes and small offices. The business was started by Helen Clutton who believes that living in an ordered environment can relieve stress, save money and help people move forward in life.

Helen and her colleague Gilly start the process by removing everything from the target space. Everything is then sorted into categories which helps clients see how much of any one thing they own. Helen will then commence the decluttering process, by asking some simple questions.

Every single item is considered in turn and the client always has the final say about what goes and what stays. The discarded items are taken away for recycling or disposal and everything the client chooses to keep will be organised and returned to the room.

Helen Clutton

Hspace can help you:

  • Transform almost any space
  • Prepare your home for sale and photos
  • Declutter and reorganise wardrobes etc
  • Prepare for downsizing from a large home
    •Sensitively sort through following a bereavement
    This system works in any room, whatever it is used for. Clients say that the results far exceed their expectations and they are thrilled with the sense of well-being that decluttering and reorganising brings.

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