Win a signed copy of The Nonconformist Revolution

Religious dissent, innovation and rebellion by Amanda Thomas.

The Nonconformist Revolution explores the evolution of dissenting thought and how Nonconformity shaped the transformation of England from a rural to an urban, industrialised society.

The foundations for the industrial revolution were in place from the late middle ages when the early development of manufacturing processes and change in the structure of rural communities began to provide opportunities for economic and social advancement.

The Civil Wars provided a catalyst for the dissemination of new ideas and helped shape the emergence of a new English Protestantism and divergent dissident sects. In the years following the Restoration, Nonconformist ideas fuelled enlightened thought, creating an environment for enterprise but also a desire for more radical change.

Amanda Thomas is an author, historian and linguist with a particular interest in social and medical history. Born in Kent, Amanda is passionate about supporting the heritage of the Medway owns and also Hertfordshire where she now lives.

The Nonconformist Revolution is available to buy for £25.00. Contact Pen and Sword Books 01226 734267 or visit to order.

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