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Latest in a series of children’s books inspired by animal rescue

Christine Skippins is a local author, from Chichester, whose Magic of Misty Nook children’s stories about animal rescue is inspired by volunteering at a local Animal Centre.

As the animals recovered, she found renewed admiration for the animals and the teams that rehabilitated them. At that moment, her series, The Magic of Misty Nook, was born.

Little Frank’s story is her latest children’s book. He is a very young cat who in his four short months of life has already used at least two of his nine lives!

A naturally sweet, impetuous boy, he has not had anyone to care for or protect him from all of the dangers awaiting a small kitten.

But all of that changes when the magical elves hear of his plight and take him in, heal his injuries and show him what it feels like to be loved.

They also introduce him to a beautiful young kitten called Sparkle, can they find a forever home together?

To enter the competition enter using the form below. The closing date is the 31st March 2023.


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