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Peter the tortoise

A book to be shared with children with music & colouring

Elizabeth Tyrrell authored her first book, called ‘Down Windsor Way’ during the lockdown in 2020. Having been married to William, her husband of 51 years, she learned much about the time that he and his brothers spent in the care of Barnardo’s.

Elizabeth has spent the past five decades as a perpetual student as well as enjoying a full time academic career in the Chemistry/Pharmacy department at Kingston University (London). In 2013 she took early retirement, as Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, in order to complete her studies in Theology before becoming a Reader in our Church. Since then Elizabeth has completed an MA degree in Theology (2019) from the University of Chichester. It certainly hasn’t been a quiet retirement and that’s the way Elizabeth like it.

About The Adventures of Peter the Tortoise

This book is a prequel to Down Windsor Way from the perspective of Peter the much loved Tortoise. It charters his first acquaintance with the Tyrrell boys and descibes their lives from his view point. It is witty, pithy and funny describing his ancestry derived from ‘rock-hopping’ sirens from South America.

This is intended to be an adult book to share with children and contains musical scores, composed especially by the talented Jim Malcolm, pictures to colour in by anybody and a story line of ballet, the arts and piracy plus an extremely humourous narrative.

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