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Dogs Working Origins and Traditional Tasks

Dogs: Working Origins and Traditional Tasks By TV presenter Mike Loades

Central to the book are entertaining accounts of the author’s canine adventures – hands-on experiences, learning to handle various dogs engaged in their traditional tasks.

It was one of these fact-finding missions that brought him to Sussex to meet Alison Burgess, who trains her Dalmatians in their traditional role as carriage dogs. Trotting along behind horsedrawn carriages, Dalmatians originally acted as guard dogs for the traveller.  They not only deterred highwaymen on the road but slept with the horses in the stable of an Inn, defending them against horse-thieves. Alison lived near Heathfield at the time, a part of Sussex, where the author had lived for a while in the early seventies.

Mike is best known as a television presenter and for his appearances as a historical weapons specialist / military historian in documentaries, he also works as a tv director, writer and as a consultant and film-maker for the videogames industry.

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