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Written by local author Ann Salmon

Dizzy is a Romanian street dog who was brought to England for a better life, which is all new and scary. It is a funny, sad and utterly bewildering tale of read- justment; and she is supported, or not, by Candy the resident collie.

Dizzy has to come to terms with an apparently endless stream of friends and family who react to her in different ways, and cause her even more confusion.

Author Ann Salmon, has been interested in dogs since she was three and enticed a neighbour’s dachshund under the fence, and have owned, trained, worked (and occasionally won) and bred border collies for decades. Ann has done many activities with this breed, which has given her an opportunity to study them.

Ann Salmon resides in the village of Washington and was trained as a nurse in London, but there wasn’t any part-time working for married women so eventually she did other things instead: run- ning her own catering company, and helping set up a Pre-School Playgroup in the 1960s.

Available to purchase from local Steyning bookshop or any Waterstones

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