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An authentic thriller crafted from real world experiences

Geoffrey Seed’s fourth novel – ‘Death in a Time of Conspiracy’ will be published on 28th March.

The author has well-placed sources across law enforcement who know the ways of Whitehall. Their experiences together with his own, underpin an intriguing narrative where good guys and bad guys operate by the same murderous rules and are almost impossible to tell apart. Readers are left to guess which aspects of the plot were hatched in his imagination and which might be true events.

About the Author

Chichester’s Geoffrey Seed is a journalist and television producer specialising in investigations into terrorism, corruption and human rights abuses for programmes like BBC Panorama and ITV’s World in Action. In that time he spoke with terrorists, undercover agents, police, intelligence officers and the figures who give their deniable operations political cover “in the national interest”.

His work has led to his being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and investigated under the Official Secrets Act. These experiences have given him a unique perspective, allowing him to craft an insightful story that deviates from the standard ‘good versus bad’.

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