Win a signed copy of Confessions of an Airline Pilot – Why Planes Crash

Why Planes Crash

Why Planes Crash by local author Terry Tozer

How do you know if the airline you are planning to fly with is safe? What should you be worried about? Is it, turbulence, lightning or that the pilots might be asleep while the aircraft flies on autopilot?

Find out what really happened with the expert investigation into the only crash that Concorde had. This and other detective stories that puzzled investigators are analysed by the author and presented in a highly readable form.

About Terry Tozer

Terry Tozer who grew up in Rye in East Sussex, where he still lives today Before he became a pilot, he worked with the F1 team British Racing Motors who had a facility in Rye, designing F1 engines. For more details on Terry Tozer, his media appearances and examples of his journal-ism visit

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