Win a signed copy of ‘A Murderer’s Legacy’ by Peter Redford

A Murderer's Legacy

A major new crime thriller by local author Peter Redford

A feared Columbian drug lord is callously murdered. Soon, relatives and acquaintances are circling like vultures. A senior Metropolitan police officer risks everything when she grasps an opportunity to make
some easy money. A routine surveillance operation results in a gruesome assassination. The Foreign Office is implicated in shady dealings with individuals for whom murder is no obstacle. John Whiles has a reputation. An exceptional detective with a chequered career who utilises every facet of the law and many unorthodox methods besides. But when murderers strike, he is the person to hunt for the truth!

About the Author: Peter Redford was born and educated in Bognor Regis before moving to London to join the Metropolitan Police. During his service, he worked for many years as a detective at Scotland Yard. On retirement, he returned to Sussex and took up employment with Sussex Constabulary at Chichester in a civilian role. Then he started to write.  Available from Heygates Bookshop in Bognor
Regis or author’s website:

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