Win a family ticket to the Loxwood Joust

loxwood joust

Plus pavilion seats to watch a live joust! 3rd-4th and 10th-11th August

The Loxwood Joust’s unrivalled programme of mediaeval revelry and mayhem guarantees a fun and educational day out for all the family on the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th August.

Experience the verve and vigour of a world where lives were harsh and hearts were passionate as you walk through the Living History Village and see the inhabitants go about their daily life. Then in the battlefield beyond, harken to the call of booming cannon fire and the clash of steel on steel as the mighty battle takes place in front of your eyes.

Watch the magnificent fully armoured jousting knights earn honour and valour with the pounding of horse’s hooves, as they present a fast-paced, all action jousting tournament that will always amaze and astound.  And explore the Mediaeval Market Place where traders bring their wares to sell just like peddlers of old.

Treat yourself to a meal with The Queen of Loxwood at her sumptuous four course banquet and be entertained by court jesters, live music and riddlers as you dine. Then at the Mead Shack in the woods, sample the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ whilst the Mediaeval Baebes and Trobar De Morte entrance and soothe with magical voices, and the hypnotic belly dancers dance.

Meet the Faerie Goddess, at the Crescent Moon Temple as she brings you closer to the Loxwood nature spirits; and perhaps you will take part in a true pagan ceremony to renew your vows or have a full bespoke handfasting wedding.

In the den of the witches these creatures most foul will lure and beguile you with their spells and incantations.  And nothing brings the grim affair of crime and punishment to life more than the gruesome and frightening apparition that is the Executioner dressed all in black.

Join the blacksmith to master the art of metalwork, undertake chain-mailing as you create your own jewellery, or try your hand at copper bowl making, whilst younger ones punch their name or initials on to copper charms.

Then in the far corner of the Midsummers Meadow nestles the Children’s Kingdom; a festival within a festival, where the Mediaeval Groat is the currency.  Here you will find all manner of exciting activities, including have-a-go archery, pelt the peasant, face and wound painting, jester school and knight school. Both adults and children can learn some long sword moves at knight school, before they try their hand at hitting the life-size boar and stag as they test their bow skills against the exciting range of targets.

The Loxwood Joust is a festival like no other, as history comes to life each day from 10am to 6pm. Advance tickets are available at their website

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