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winged sabres

Winged Sabres is the story of an RFC and RAF squadron flying the cumbersome FE2 from February 1916 to September 1917, and then the superlative Bristol Fighter: a two-seater ‘Fighter-reconnaissance’ squadron with an astonishingly high success rate.

Over 15 years research has gone into this book, covering a seldom-explored aspect of WW1 in the air: the two-seater fighter-reconnaissance squadrons. 20 Squadron’s motto was Facta Non Verba – Deeds Not Words! Author Robert’s Scottish Grandfather’s death with 20 Squadron in WW1 started his interest in the squadron, which soon became a much bigger project involving the study of many detailed official records.

Robert lives in Sussex with his cat, Bella. Winged Sabres are the most decorated squadron in the history of the RFC and this is the first book ever to tell their story. It contains never before seen photographs and is fully endorsed by The National Archives.

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