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Many writers have written about the delights of the former  kingdom of the South Saxons, its Downs, villages, countryside, people and their ways. Visitors’ Historic Britain – West Sussex is the first book to take  readers on a tour of discovery of each of the county’s historic eras in turn.

Starting with prehistoric Sussex, we explore  West Sussex from West to East, investigating both little-known and well-visited sites that  tell the story of our ancestors’ past. We encounter wild warriors, formidable founders of the county, indefatigable industrialists, excitable eccentrics and the lives of Sussex inhabitants and invaders.

Sussex is a county celebrated by writers, painters, royalty, artists and the millions who have enjoyed its changing coastline and verdant villages. Visitors’ Historic Britain provides a unique  series of journeys for those who are inquisitive about this quirky and history- changing part of the South-East.

About the author

Kevin Newman is a Sussex-born and dwelling author, tour guide, teacher, history consultant, journalist and historian. He has written  school textbooks, for Sussex publications such as the Argus and Brighton  and Hove Independent as well a range of books on Sussex. Visitors’ Historic Sussex – West Sussex is his first book for Pen and Sword and will be followed by a sequel on East Sussex and Brighton  and Hove.

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