Win a copy of the new book ‘Surviving Him’ by local author Jo Johnson

Surviving Him, a psychological suspense, is Jo Johnson’s third novel. Informed by her work as a clinical psychologist, the story explores the aftermath of frontal temporal dementia for three generations of one extended family.

Like her first two books, Surviving Him doesn’t shy away from serious topics. Surviving Him explores the multigenerational impact of familial Frontotemporal dementia, a genetic, progressive disorder that changes personality and behaviour. The psychology of family trauma, grief and loss are explored in this carefully crafted novel.

To the casual observer Daisy is a vile bully with a drug habit. She’s been expelled from school and frightens her family. Realising the disease that devoured her father is after her, Daisy has given up. Her one remaining cheerleader is her Uncle Ben. He’s trying hard to fulfil the promise he made to her father, but has big problems of his own.

Surviving Him is available to buy from Amazon or Body and Face salon in Storrington High Street.



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