Win a copy of The Fall and Rise of Ronni Fairweather by Gina Hollands

The Fall and Rise of Ronni Fairweather by gina hollands

The Fall and Rise of Ronni Fairweather 

The latest uplifting novel from Sussex author, Gina Hollands, has been described as ‘inspirational’ and ‘an absolute gem of a read!’ The Fall and Rise of Ronni Fairweather tells the story of a woman who, after discovering her luxury lifestyle isn’t quite what she thought, learns that the only way forward is to go back to her roots.

Funny, emotional, true-to-life and a ‘must read’ for anyone looking for an adventure and family drama with a heart, The Fall and Rise of Ronni Fairweather fills the reader with a sense of hope in adversity.

About the author

Worthing-based author Gina Hollands writes happy end fiction with a generous dash of humour and romance. All her books can be found at

About the book

Raegan Kent-Walters is living the high life. Thanks to her husband’s salary, she enjoys the elite Surrey housewife existence of luxury holidays, exclusive gym memberships and skinny lattes.

But then the high life comes crashing down, and, whilst reeling from the discovery that her husband wasn’t the man she thought he was, Raegan is also confronted with the reality that she and her daughter, Sabrine, will have to make some major life changes. So, out goes the state-of-the-art Range Rover, and in comes the beat-up old Transit van to take them away; back to Raegan’s roots in Yorkshire and the life she abandoned.

But perhaps by embracing who she used to be, Raegan can find the strength she never knew she had, building something unexpected – but truly special – to get her and Sabrine through to a brighter future.

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